Island Ruegen : Vacation home - of Germanys greatest Island


Ruegen Welcome in our vacation home ! 

Welcome in Goehren  !
Our restored Landhome Villa from the 
1920’s  as well as our newly build
Bungalow are situated in a quiet neighborhood at a lovely park-like property overlooking the Baltic Sea toward a southerly direction. By foot,  you reach the beaches or down town within 5 to 10 minutes. 


           Looking from Goehren-location Landhome Villa  

                     Panorama Mönchgut-left  Göhren and the Baltic Sea - overlooking  Greifswalder Bodden

                Baltic Sea Beach Göhren
      Bungalow overlooking Baltic Sea

                    Promenade of Göhren


Hotel Putbus


             Ruegen   and   Sea       -            that´s its Great ...............